This page is only for Jake Bugg's pictures.

Sidebar photo by Tom Oxley

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Anonymous asked: some people on facebook love to take photos off your blog and put on their pages with no credit...

I would be lying if I said I don’t care because there are pictures who are really hard to find and cases where I have to remove watermark and stuff (which is not something nice of my part btw).

But you know what? I didn’t take those fucking pictures so I don’t deserve credit for them. The ones who deserve it are the photographers, that’s why I always try to discover their names and put on captions or tags. That’s the most important part for me, ‘cause I don’t want no one losing credit for their work.

I only made this blog because I started to find very nice pics of Jake and I wanted to share it with his fans. I love photography, I love searching for photos, and I love seeing Jake looking handsome. If reposting in other websites means more people are gonna have access to them, then I’m happy.

Also, I don’t have Facebook and I can say my life is great without it.

Anonymous asked: Can you post the pictures of Jake (with red shirt) one for one please

I could but the pics are too small, they would look shitty if posted as single images